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The Disenchantments - Nina LaCour The general story itself was alright, and I liked some of the side characters even if they were one-dimensional at times. But Colby's belief that he was utterly entitled to know everything about Bev was highly irritating, as well as how he kept passive-aggressively shaming her about lying to him in front of other people, even strangers at times, and no one called him out on this or said "Hey, you're acting like a douchebag, you need to knock it off." Bev maybe shouldn't have waited so long to tell him, no, and he was entitled to be angry up to a point, but he crossed a line when he acted like a jerk to her because of it and brought strangers into their private business by shaming her like he did. I was hoping Bev would punch him at some points, and while she does get angry, he never apologizes for what he did and gets away with it. If the book had been narrated from Bev's POV instead of Colby's, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. I was way more interested in her than Colby's deal.

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