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I'm an awesome 24 y/o reader and writer of YA fantasy/historical fantasy. I mainly write about awesome ladies and the people who love them. I work at a library and I'm a contributing reviewer to Bibliodaze.

In Trouble - Ellen Levine I wish this book had worked for me, because its message and topic are things I’m extremely interested in. Unfortunately this is a Did Not Finish for me. I do like certain aspects of the book--showing how hard a decision it is for a woman to get an abortion, and that it’s not something a woman does just because she feels like it. She doesn’t just wake up one day and think “Oh, I think I’ll get an abortion today.” No, weeks of agonizing goes into it, as well as the shame and anger from family and friends. I like that Levine shows that, because it’s something that seems to have been forgotten in past years. It was really the writing that put me off this book. It was very scattered and messy, like a first rough draft where you’re just jotting down the dialogue and trying to get a feel for the scenes before coming back later and adding more stuff in. Maybe it’s a certain kind of style that just doesn’t work for me, I don’t know. Scenes had little to no transition, and we were told and not shown certain things happening, like an argument Jamie has with Elaine over a boyfriend early in the book. I would have rather seen that than have only a paragraph talking about it from Jamie’s POV, days days after the fact, because it felt a little out of place with what was happening with the rest of the scene. I tried to stick with it, but eventually I had to give up around page 110. The writing style was just too hard for me to get into, and I didn’t really feel invested in any of the characters when I should have. In Trouble has an important message to send to teens and I’m sad that it couldn’t work for me.Disclaimer: I received my copy from NetGalley.

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