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I'm an awesome 24 y/o reader and writer of YA fantasy/historical fantasy. I mainly write about awesome ladies and the people who love them. I work at a library and I'm a contributing reviewer to Bibliodaze.

Scrap - Emory Sharplin I gave it a chance, but from the start I wasn't overly wild about the writing style. Overuse of exclamation points, an irritating main character who is ~oh so special~, and some pretty basic world building.But worst of all... a flashback to a near rape scene that Tucker goes through, just to show off how awesome she is and how she isn't like her slutty prostitute friend Kally. Tucker chuckles at this memory of nearly being raped and fighting off her attacker at thirteen years old.Sorry, no. Dropped it like a hot potato after that and feel no desire to pick it back up. Just because you can include a scene like that to show how dark or how tough your main character is doesn't mean you should. Rape and attempted rape should never be used as a basic device to show something off.

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