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Breadcrumbs - Erin Mcguire, Anne Ursu This had been on my wishlist for a long while, so when I saw that the publisher was giving away free copies, I jumped right on the chance to get one. I’m so, so glad I read it. Hazel, while a deeply flawed character, was still likeable and one you could root for. Her friendship with Jack was sweet, and the pain of them both drifting away (albeit by supernatural influences) was heart wrenchingly accurate. I teared up twice at this novel, once in part one and another in part two, simply because of the beautiful friendship they had. Unfortunately Jack was not as well developed, which may be a problem for some readers, but it didn’t overly bother me. What I liked best was that Hazel did not turn into a badass warrior during her stay in the magical woods. This may be a turn off for some readers, as her adventure in finding Jack is mostly just her wandering through the woods and finding various fairytale tropes/characters, or becoming entangled in one herself. She’s only eleven, though; I would have found it hard to swallow if she’d suddenly turned into some super awesome warrior. And that choice fits in with the rest of the narrative, as well. It’s a simple tale about a girl going to find and rescue her friend, even with the odds stacked against her. There’s no big final boss battle at the end for his soul; she simply perseveres through everything because she loves him. Some readers may have issues with that stylistic choice. I thought it was perfect. I will say the ending was really rushed, unfortunately. While I do think ending it where Ms Ursu did is the right choice for this book and the story it was telling, I would have liked to have seen even a little glimpse at how Jack and Hazel handled themselves afterwards. Still, that’s a personal preference and doesn’t affect my love for this book either way. A beautifully moving tale about the power of friendship, I’ll be recommending Breadcrumbs to anyone who wants a well done fairytale book.(See more of my reviews at On The Nightstand!)

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