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The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave - The first 150 pages were the highlight for me, personally. Cassie's voice was very distinct and the emotions she was going through were extremely easy to get caught up in due to the great writing. Then she meets Evan, and the POVs began shifting, and I felt the novel kind of went off the rails in a bad way for me. I still enjoyed it, largely, but at times the POVs had the same voices and I figured out why the kids were being gathered at boot camp pretty early on. I loved Cassie as a character, and overall she was a believable teenage girl to me. However, when she wakes up dressed in clothes she didn't fall asleep in, in a strange house with a strange guy in the room with her, I really don't think her reaction would have been "omg this hot guy saw me naked how embarrassing". Especially considering the world she inhabits now is full of gang that go around looting and raping women; I honestly think her first reaction would have been "did he rape me?" But the thought never crosses her mind. That I found hard to swallow.Still, I did enjoy it and I'll certainly look forward to the second book in the series.

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