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If You Could Be Mine

If You Could Be Mine: A Novel - Sara Farizan I was initially excited if a bit hesitant to read this. The prose was stilted and kind of rambling at first, going off on tangents that had nothing to do with the point, only to whip back to the original point in a whiplash fashion. It made it pretty hard not only to connect to Sahar as a character, but also to read and follow at times.I could probably have ignored that, though, if it hadn't been for Sahar's downright disturbing thought processes and feelings towards Nasrin. In the first thirty pages she not only shows a pretty heavy disdain for a lot of things Nasrin has a passion for--make up, dancing and fashion, instead of her schoolwork--but she also expresses a desire to lock Nasrin away in a shack so that no other man can ever have her. I wondered if Sahar truly loved Nasrin because of this, because there was nothing else Sahar pointed out that she admired or loved about Nasrin.Then, when Nasrin's engagement is announced and Nasrin puts her acting skills to use and smiles because everyone expects her to, Sahar states in her internal narration that she wants to slap Nasrin for being fake.I don't consider abuse the makings of a romantic tale. I understand Sahar was angry and distraught, but the entire thing was out of Nasrin's control, and Sahar crossed a line wishing she could take out her anger on Nasrin like that. I'm setting this aside, and I wish I didn't have to.

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