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Boundless - Cynthia Hand While ultimately not quite as good as the first two books, Boundless ended up being a great finale to an incredibly good series. It’s a satisfying, if saddening, send off. When people ask me what I want from the New Adult genre, I’m going to point to this book exactly. While the college setting doesn’t play as huge a role once the plot gets going, the parts we do have of it are wonderful. Clara trying to find what she wants to do and eventually settling on something is an experience I think a lot of students can identify with. I would have liked to stay at Stanford a little while longer, but what we had was great. Clara herself remains a wonderful main character, having grown a lot over the past two books. There were a few minor characters introduced at the college that didn’t really seem to go anywhere, save for one who was more or less used as a plot device and nothing else. While that is disappointing, the rest of the main cast remain strong and detailed. Then there was Jeffrey’s girlfriend Lucy, who the second she showed up I knew who she was and how she was going to be used in the story. Which takes me to my main complaint of the novel: I guessed nearly every single plot point this novel had. Foreshadowing has never been the strongest area of the previous novels, and it’s definitely not in this one. I didn’t know exactly how things would unfold, but I knew what would happen to certain characters nearly a hundred pages before it actually did. This ended up not really being that much of a detriment, because I still thoroughly enjoyed the story, but it was a little disappointing nonetheless. Likewise, I think the ending was majorly rushed. The book is already pretty long at 438 pages, but we don’t see the fall out of some pretty major things that happen in the last few chapters. I can’t say much more without spoiling, but needless to say I wanted to see the fall out of something that happened to one character, and the resolution to a relationship between two others. Overall, though, I still really enjoyed this book. It’s proven the bad rap angel books get wrong, and it’s one of the finest series YA has to offer. I don’t doubt I’m going to reread this series again and again.See more of my reviews at On The Nightstand!

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